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Why You Should Ditch Coffee ASAP! – Health and Diet


Why you should ditch coffee ASAP!


Caffeine is probably the most consumed drug in the world. Around 180 million americans consume caffeine (in coffee) everyday. Caffeine is contained in natural plants like coffee beans and Cola and in processed foods like coca-cola, chocolate and coffee sweetened gums.

The major reason for the consumption of caffeine is due to its psychoactive(stimulating the central nervous system)effect which leads to alertness and awareness.

Hey! i’m not about to contend with your favored drink but I just want to show something you really haven’t had time to look into, and it is my job to fill you in. I’m going to start with the benefits of caffeine (which are largely tied to coffee consumption):

  • It improves mental alertness by stimulating the nervous system
  • Lightly processed coffee beans contains anti-oxidants which fight free-radicals that weaken our skin cells and causes aging.
  • The liver is the blood’s gate-keeper. It rids the blood of harmful toxins.  Studies show that coffee drinking lowers the risk of developing liver cirrhosis.
  • Some studies say that it lowers risk of depression and suicide.
  • Coffee has also been discovered to have anti-cancer benefits.


All the above listed benefits of coffee are actually based on observation and not clearly established facts. I’m no health professional but these″ benefits” have been promoted by large companies that have a stake in these drinks. I mean, what manner of research would say the more you consume coffee, the less likelier you are to contract a particular disease?

There are very much established harmful effects of caffeine consumption especially when consumed in large quantities and for an addictive drug as caffeine, you definitely are more likely to take more than is recommended. At a point, you would need to take it to function normally.

I’m going to leave you this article that tried to promote the benefits of coffee. Just scroll to the comments section and read what others have to say about a supposedly beneficial and ″legal″ drug.

You can find it here. In my next article i would be writing on the established  harmful effects of coffee consumption. Till then… Enjoy our teas