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Gynostemma pentaphyllum – immortali-tea (part 2)


Welcome! In the first article on the miracle grass, I wrote about the origin of gynostemma, its discovery and glossed over some of its health benefits. Today, i’m going to share with you what makes “the winning fat-buster” tick, more benefits and why you need gynostemma in your life (especially if you’ve ever “seen” a bottle of soda). Enjoy!

What makes gynostemma tick?


The “gospel herb”(remember?) belong to a rare class of herbs known as adaptogen. For any plant to qualify into this plant “hall of fame”, experts say it must meet this three criteria:

  • it must be safe and not cause further strain on any organ system;
  • it must increase resistance to stressful influences by a wide range of physical and chemical factors;
  • it must restore balance to the system regardless of the direction of the illness(this is the key factor that makes it useful in tackling either obesity or under-weight, that’s why its called adaptogen.)


The herbal “class” of adaptogens are so regal there are only 13 plants on earth that undoubtedly belong to this class( talk about Jiaogulan and his 12 disciples). Infact, the jiaogulan herb is reputed to contain the highest number of saponins(chemical substance that gives its adaptogenic property) of any known plant.(I am moved!!)

Hold-up! (I am as excited as you are), I leave you with a testimonial of what an adaptogen can do:

“Sixteen years ago, Patricia L. Gerbarg, a Kingston, N.Y., psychiatrist, contracted Lyme disease. But as sometimes happens, her blood tests were negative, so the condition was not diagnosed for five years. By that time, she had severe chronic fatigue, painful joints, muscle weakness, balance problems, memory loss and impaired mental function.

After her diagnosis, Gerbarg took antibiotics for nine months. “They helped, but I still felt weak, low in energy and mentally fuzzy.”


Then her husband, Richard Brown, a psychopharmacologist at Columbia University, learned of a Russian herb, Rhodiola rosea, which purportedly strengthened the whole body.

He thought it might help — and it did. “Within 10 days,” Gerbarg recalls, “I felt better. After three months, my energy, memory and mental function were restored.”(thanks to  mother earth news).

“i need to have one”…..