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Gynostemma Pentaphyllum – Immortali-Tea (part 1)



immortali tea

Ever wondered what makes Jackie Chan ageless? Have you considered how Jet-li makes those kicks with such flexibility? You surely must have seen martial-artists in traditional chinese movies sip something while engaging in conversations……this is a secret the chinese have have kept secret for thousands of years(which is why I bet you don’t yet know). Ready for it?…….its called gynostemma pentaphyllum.

Its so legendary the locals call it “the immortality tea” (talk about immortalitea).The general chinese populace call it jiaogulan. In the western hemisphere, it is called the the miracle grass, gospel herb (yeah Baby!! the truth), fairy herb e.t.c. The Japanese call it “amachazuru” (definitely a tongue-twister). Seems this tea makes the world-powers who they are (I don’t know you tell me). This tea has been reported to tackle cancer head-on.


The tea came into popular chinese reckoning in the 20th century when a census revealed that the elderly people lived up to a hundred years of age in provinces where this plant grew wildly. This led the government to investigate.  The locals reported using the “Xiancao” or “immortal herb” as a stimulant in the morning when getting ready for long and enduring work.

They also reported taking it taking it in the evening after the day’s work as it relieves stress. Ever since this discovery, research has been on-going about what is yet to be known concerning this “wonder” plant.

What is Gynostemma pentaphyllum?

 Gynostemma pentaphyllum

It is a 5-leafed perennial plant from the same plant family as cucumbers, melons and gourds. Unlike its “family members”, it does not bear edible fruit Also referred to as “sweet-tea vine”, the plant is native to subtropical mountainous regions of southern China and northern Vietnam. Of all the twenty species of gynostemma, the prominent one is gynostemma pentaphyllum (of course you know why). It does not contain caffeine


  • This tea is unquestionably an “unsung hero”. Its benefit far outweighs that of the much talked about “ginseng”. Infact, it has all the stress-relieving components of ginseng and more. It is reputed to have the highest number of saponins (stress-relief stimulant) of any plant.
  • It is reported to treat cancer.
  • As an anti-oxidant, it helps  slow down the aging process and maximizes the self-regenerative properties of the body
  • Since diseases arise when Nitric Oxide levels are either too high or too low, the regulatory effect of gynostemma on its production is crucial in maintaining good health through balance.
  • It protects against parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, heart disease and stroke.
  • This might sound un-believable but due to its adaptogenic properties, it can shed excess fat you are over-weight, it can also help you to gain weight if you are nutrient-deficient. Overall, it helps restore balance to the body.

I ain’t done yet!!! In the next article, I am going to explain further benefits, and the chemical components in gynostemma pentaphyllum contained in the winning fat-buster and how they work to provide the mental and physical wellness you crave for. If you have ever tasted junk-food, I would definitely recommend the healing health teas to you. Try the winning fat-buster today.