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Extreme Obesity Cuts Lifespan More than Smoking


Extreme Obesity Cuts Lifespan More than Smoking

What have you thought about all those fats that you’ve been loaded with? Are you thinking of losing weight?

Do you smoke? Are you thinking of joining any rehabilitation center to quit smoking?

Before you quit smoking, there’s something that I’d like you to know – your obesity is far more dangerous than your smoking habit. It is a proven fact that extreme obesity cuts lifespan of an individual more than his smoking habit.

I know a lot of questions are taking birth in your mind; if you want to know why obesity is far more dangerous than smoking, read below:

• Smoking does not give birth to and develop suicidal thoughts in your mind: Wondering what I mean? It is simple – when you are obese, you are under depression because you don’t have enough confidence to make new friends. This is when suicidal thoughts start developing in your mind. Smoking does not make you feel depressed.

• Smoking leads to a few diseases, obesity leads to many: Smoking does lead to a few life-taking diseases, but obesity leads to many. If you want to stay away from such diseases, you have to focus on working out, eating right and getting rid of all those fats that you have on your body. Obesity kills quicker than smoking.

• Obesity makes you visit doctors, often: You may not visit a doctor over and over again because of your smoking habits, but you will have to visit a doctor often, if you are obese. This is because obese individuals are prone to different types of illnesses and diseases.

Obesity pushes you in the pit of depression, which is not good for anyone at all: Depression is quite bad; it can kill you like any other severe disorder that leads to different kinds of psychological problems. While smokers smoke to get out of depression, obesity pushes you and makes you depressed in life, making you feel like you are good for nothing at all. You start envying your friends and family members, as well, especially if they are successful and fit in life.

Smoking is social; obesity leads to isolation: There are a lot of social smokers, who smoke only when they are with their friends. Obesity makes you feel so bad about yourself that you barely talk to anyone because you start dwelling in inferiority complex.

I don’t support smoking, but I don’t support obesity, either.