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Why Exercise isn’t the only way to lose weight


There are a a lot of benefits to exercise, but don’t put all your weight loss eggs in the fitness basket.

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A research was conducted between a hunter-gatherer group in Tanzania and those that live in the city. The findings from this research were astounding. Those who live in the cities burned as much calories as these hunters that trekked long-distance tracking down prey everyday. This is because you can only burn about 10 to 30 percent of the calories (unit of energy), that you consume from food, with physical activity each day.

This clearly revealed that exercise (physical activity) is not the only solution to losing weight. So the question is “what is effective in losing weight?”

According to Dr Corneel, weight is mostly determined by what we eat and our metabolism.

It is very important we understand the real cause of obesity and how to tackle it. Ready for it?

Refined Carbs.

You know them. Soda (especially colored ones), white bread, sweetened fruit juices and so on. This has led to the obesity epidemic around the world.  Refined carbohydrates increase the production of insulin in the pancreas. With insulin in the blood stream, the fat cells are triggered to absorb more calories for storage. But what is left of the calories in the blood is not enough to sustain the body. This cause the brain to trigger a hunger need which makes you consume more food and the result is an unhealthy over-weight.

As a result of the obesity epidemic, the need (yeah, you read that right) to lose weight has become a craze that it has become a billion dollar industry. You don’t need to spend so much on weight-loss gadgets, starve yourself or hit the gym (I meant that literally). You can achieve your weight-loss goals this year and beyond by simply taking tea.. So what’s your take, will you rather spend your money on ardous labour or will you enjoy a pleasant, sweat-less ride to achieve your weight-loss goals by taking  sips of wellness?

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