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Enjoying Tea the Traditional Way While Following Traditional Tea Etiquettes


Drinking Tea the Proper Way: Most importantly, you should never hold your cop with your extended pinkie finger. This is not the right way to hold the cup and in most of the social settings it is even considered to be rude. You should place your index finger into the cup handleright up to the knuckle and at the same time place your thumb at the top of the handle to securely hold the cup. At the bottom of the handle you should rest your third finger. The fourth finger and the fifth finger should then curve back towards your wrist.

Once upon a time it was a traditional practice to pour the milk into the cup first before pouring the tea. This practice was followed so as to prevent the glaze on the delicate tea cups from cracking up. This problem is nonexistent today in modern cups, so ideally milk should be added after the tea to be able to judge the amount to be used depending on the change of color.

While stirring your tea you should be careful so as to not clink the spoon against the cup. You should gently swish the spoon in the cup back and forth all the while not touching the sides of the cup. Once you are done with the stirring, remove the spoon and gently place it on the saucer behind the tea cup and to the right side of the handle. It goes without sayi8ng that you should not take a sip of your tea without first removing the spoon first and never ever take a sip from the spoon.

If you are seated at a table, you should not lift the saucer, you can do this if you are standing but lift the saucer with the cup. When taking a sip of tea from your cup you should not look around at the guests seated with you, but lower your gaze such that you are able to see what you are doing so that you do not spill your tea down on the front of your shirt or dress.

After a few sips of your tea when your cup is a bit low you should try to avoid the temptation of swirling the tea left in the cup. It can lead to an embarrassing situation if a bit of the tea happens to pour out on the tablecloth.

Tea is a refreshing and a great drink which can be enjoyed even more if you follow a few etiquettes that have traditionally become associated with it.