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What Diets should Physicians Recommend


What Diets should Physicians Recommend?


There’s a huge myth related to dieting – people believe that dieting is meant only for those, who wish to lose weight. This is untrue. It doesn’t matter if you are an obese or a skinny individual, all that matters is that you eat what’s right for your body. I personally know a lot of skinny people, who are unhealthy and suffer from a low immune system problem. If you go through any sort of a health issue, it is time for you to bring some changes into your diet.

But what kind of diet should physicians recommend?

Here are a few tips that can help:

• A diet that has a good amount of proteins: Egg whites? Yes please! If it has proteins, the physician should recommend you to eat it. Proteins are what your body needs the most.

• A diet that has enough water and juices to keep you hydrated: From milk to homemade juices without sugar, from water to green tea, you should include things that hydrate you.

• A diet that gives good options to replace coffee and tea: Your diet should include green tea; it not only keeps you hydrated, but also promotes weight loss for your body.

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• A diet that does not complicate the life of an individual: Physicians should understand that bringing a change in diet is like bringing a change in the lifestyle of an individual; it shouldn’t be too complicated.

• A diet that has less of calories: You don’t need a lot of calories; in fact, you have to eat as much as your body needs. To get into shape, you have to focus on burning more calories than eating.

• A diet that does not make a person feel weak: Physicians should understand that they need to suggest a diet that doesn’t make people feel weak; let the diet have everything that an individual’s body needs. Let them fulfill their cravings as well, but in a limited proportion.

• A diet that promises to enhance the texture of an individual’s skin, along with maintaining his body: There are a lot of skin problems that can be treated with the help of a change in diet. A physician should ensure that the diet he suggests enhances the skin of the individual.

• A diet that cleanses you internally: A physician’s diet should cleanse you internally.