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Tea 101

5 Kardashian diet and fitness tips that could actually work for you

  1. Be specific — and realistic — about your personal fitness goals. Kim Kardashian West was vocal about her struggles with losing pregnancy weight. After giving birth to two kids, she decided to focus more heavily on health and fitness to create a body she would be proud of. Kim began working with her newest trainer, bodybuilder Melissa…

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Vital Health Facts You Should Know About Winning Fat Buster Tea

Introduction The world is changing but not everyone knows that yet. We are still living, existing, breathing and going about our business the usual way. Stressing ourselves and working a lot to shoulder our responsibilities but the world has changed. The world is now on the brink of a revolution. Make no mistake of misinterpreting…

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The Impact of Weight on Your Body

11 tips to help you nix the fat. By Jeanie Lerche Davis Fat, particularly fat around your waist, raises your risk of serious illness. Do you need motivation to lose excess pounds? Consider these 11 tips. 1. Lose Weight: It’s a Lifesaver Are you a heart attack waiting to happen? If heart disease, high blood pressure, or high triglycerides are in your family…

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5 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight | Women and Health

5 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight | Women and Health One morning you step on the scale and you are on track. The following morning, you’re up by five pounds, you are so surprise by the sudden increment. Many people have experienced it at some point and it’s frustrating and bewildering: Your clothes are feeling…

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5 Tips To Lose Weight After Summer

5 Tips To Lose Weight After Summer One of the difficult moments of the year is after the holidays, You are having a good time with friends and love ones, you eat almost everything that you think of, tested the limits of your liver, and now your clothes are undersized. You get a little frustrated…

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6 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Women

6  Easy Weight Loss Tips for Women Study has shown that women are more attentive to their weight than men. Likewise, there are higher possibilities in women of putting on weight than men as a result of their high emotional factor. As ladies are more sentient, they have a tendency to get discouraged, agitated or…

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Top 5 ways to lose weight without exercise

Eat less; workout more. This is what we hear everyday. The truth is, we don’t have sufficient time (or determination) to adhere to a weight loss program. Try not to fuss. As the mid year months approach and you haul your swimming outfit out of storage, you can establish some of these good methodologies to…

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5 ways to lose weight during summer

It’s summer!, we’re certain that a many of you are intensely searching for ways to prepare your body for bathing season. There are a lot of craze diets and crash diets out there, which many individuals swing to in such seasons of body-weight-induced distress, however these strategies are typically undesirable and the outcomes are often…

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6 reasons why you still have belly fat

There are couple of things in life which are sure; but we’d be almost certain in saying that most ladies and men would love to lose that dreaded stomach fat as fast as possible. There are really various health issues related with the feared belly and if you would like to make preparations to guard…

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